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Welcome to Villa Del Mar

Since 2001, Villa Del Mar Restaurant in Grover Beach, California has been serving up some of the best Mexican food and Mexican-Style Seafood to locals and Central Coast visitors.

With homestyle cooking and the feeling that you’re family, the team at Villa Del Mar makes you feel right at home.  With mouth-watering versions of authentic Mexican Food as well as some of the tastiest seafood dishes around, there is something for everyone!

Quench your thirst with a cold beer and top it off with a big plate of Nachos.  Sip a cold coke (with CRUSHED ice!) and much on some crispy tacos.  Enjoy a taste of Mexico and relax.  When you’re here, you’re family!

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Lunch Specials

Our Specialties


Lunch Specials are served Tu-F from 11am-4pm.  Here are our most popular ones!

#5 Chile Verde – chunks of pork in green sauce, includes tortillas

#8 Cheese Enchilada & Carnitas Taco

#11 Mini Quesadilla & Two Taquitos

Four Jumbo Shrimp Con Tocino – The Shrimp are wrapped in bacon!

We have many popular dishes here Villa Del Mar, but these are a few of our big sellers!

Del Mar Burrito – A big burrito stuffed with a grilled seafood medley including shrimp, octopus, and ceviche, with lettuce and cheese

Carnitas – Fried pork with onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, and mild sauce.

7 Mares (7 Seas) Soup – An amazing seafood medley with shrimp, catfish, squid, scallops, crab legs, green mussels, and octopus.

Open 6 days

Tuesday to Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm